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King George the Third, London, ca. 1770

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King George the Third, London, ca. 1770
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Prints of the British monarchs were long available to their subjects. This portrait of King George III is a companion to a portrait of Queen Charlotte. In its original frame, this print descended in the Turnbull family of Portland and survives at Tate House Museum in Portland, which was constructed for Captain George Tate (1700-1794) and his family. He was the senior mast agent for the British Royal Navy.

The royal couple's portraits were printed circa 1770 by Henry Overton, a map and print seller at Newgate, London, and are further distinguished by hand coloring.

The King sports a white high collared shirt, a brocade coat, and a blue sash with a black bow ornamenting his stylish wig and ponytail.

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